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The 17 Worst Things About Living in Spain

It’s time to put on the sarcasm font and start “complaining” about living in Spain. Lots of people complain about living in Spain, just look at any online forum, but let’s give them a platform for their complaints here should we as only forum owners and their invented six alter egos read forums these days. So for all of you out there who over the years have complained loudly, repeatedly and in the echoey chamber that is an internet forum let’s give you a voice. The 17 worst things about living in Spain:

Some Excellent Rentals in Valencia and Around

Some of our clients have bought properties recently and have now put them up for rental. We also have some properties for rental that provide excellent places to live while you settle down in Valencia or to take on a rental with option to buy. We can negotiate contract terms and lengths on the majority of these properties and as there is such a wide variety we should have something that suits you. Take a look at a few of them.

The Four Horsemen Post… From the Spanish Property Network

We posted a very popular post on the Spanish Property Blog last week.Titled “The Four Horsemen of the Spanish Property Apocalypse”. Within it we explained how to get a bargain in Spain without going to a bank for their rather badly located properties. Take a look and if you have any questions just ask.

When you are looking for a property as a buyer you are obviously looking for a bargain that suits your requirements. Those requirements will be exclusive to you, ie different from anyone else, but you can almost guarantee that the property you buy will have many of the characteristics that others are searching for too (This is why we said that there are not actually that many properties really for sale in Spain here) One thing that you are looking for though is summed up in the Spanish Property search mantra “Bueno, Bonito y Barato” (Good, pretty and cheap)

Valencia Region Sales To Foreigners For 2013

It is a well known fact that sales of property in Spain are at historically low figures at the moment when compared with other years. However the figures themselves are skewed somewhat by the fact that they do not tend to distinguish between the diminished internal demand (due to lack of credit and the ongoing crisis meaning that Spain has effectively been in a crushing recession since 2007) and the soaring international demand for Spanish property that has now reached or even exceded 2007 levels in many areas due to the low prices, favourable exchange rate and the fact that many other countries are now exiting their own recessions.

Valencia Property is Broken (Temporarily)

My main site for properties in Valencia is currently down www.valencia-property.com. It has been down for two days which is extremely annoying too. Therefore let me just direct you temporarily to www.spanish-property.net even if you are looking for property in Valencia. All our properties are there and of course you have a greater choice from around Spain too.

Rental With an Option To Buy? No Thanks, Not Usually

When you are moving to Spain you have three options really for your accommodation (or four if you bring a tent);

1) Purchase a property
2) Rent a property
3) Rent a property with a purchase option

The first option is fine, the second suits a lot of people too but the third presents problems peculiar to this type of contract and make coming to an agreement that suits both parties rather difficult at times. Let’s look at the issues that can come up:

Spain: Get Used To It

When you are looking to come and live in Spain and maybe to buy a house for sale in Spain you are going to a different country (Obvious huh?) with different customs and different ways of doing things. Therefore there are some things that you will need to get used to. Spain will not change in the near future but you need to do so if you want to fit comfortably into your new home (the house and the area).

Is “A Place In The Sun” A Scam?

A friend of mine passed me on an advert sponsored and promoted by “A Place In The Sun” offering “Opportunities” in Murcia through Blue Med. The offer seems too good to refuse of course, properties from 61000 Euros in Murcia on the Condado de Alhama Golf Course with 110% mortgages and interest rates of 1.5% for the first two years.

Hold on! 110% mortgages? I thought that these were one of the main causes of the negative equity problems of any number of hundreds of thousands of Spanish and foreign property buyers in Spain.

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