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It’s That Time Of Year Again, Fallas in Valencia

We don’t put many blog posts on this page any more because of an ongoing problem with the site. Most of the blogs go onto the Spanish Property Network blog you can see here. Today though and because Valencia is coming up to its annual fiestas I thought a quick video blog about the Mascleta was in order. So yesterday, on the 5th of March, I was lucky enough to be invited onto one of the balconies surrounding the Plaza del Ayuntamiento to watch the spectacle. Take a look.

How 15 Years of Experience Helps You

It was in the last century that I decided to set up as an agent for buying property in Valencia. The experience of buying my own property and using agents had been so teeth grindingly awful that just one thought was going through my head of course, I can do this so much better.

So I did.

Setting up as an estate agent in Valencia was easy, websites were few and far between, I had a good network of connections through my friends and colleagues in the international schools and most importantly of all I spoke Spanish and I spoke it well.

Update on Valencia’s Property Taxes

In April I wrote this article about Valencia’s Property Taxes. I thought you might like an update to the story as over the last few days I have been corresponding with three different potential Valencia Property buyers who are worried about their potential tax liability (they haven’t come through my company but they found the article and contacted for clarifications) We are now five months further down the line from the original post and the situation is a little clearer (Translation: It is still a mess).

Some Amazing Properties In Valencia This Week

September has arrived and with it the usual deluge of excellent properties being sold in Valencia, people tend to put good properties up for sale after the summer for some reason. So I thought I would highlight some of them on this post and send you back to Valencia Property or to our Facebook page in order to take a look at more photos.

Why Are Spanish Beaches Still So Attractive?

Surprisingly Spain for a large country mostly surrounded by sea comes only 34th on the list of countries with the longest coastline. Measuring in at 7268km of coastline according to the World Resources Institute on Wikipedia, Spain’s coastline includes the Canary Islands and the Balearics of course but in terms of perception Spain is either number one in World coastal resorts or very close. In July 2014 alone a new record of more than 8.3 million tourists visited Spain and the vast majority of those headed to the coastal regions.

We Are Back, We Are Busy and Valencia Is Awesome

It’s been a month almost since the last post because three days after it I went on holiday. Barcelona, Nimes, Avignon, Paris, Shrewsbury and Asturias were seen and pictured and now I am back and … boy did I have to hit the ground running. Lots of clients heaps of enquiries, amazing social media connections, huge new business opportunities coming up and the dire need to get even more properties onto the books to satisfy demand.

10 Reasons We Moved To Valencia. The Story of A Polish Client

This post originally appeared on the Spanish Property Network because we have had a major problem with this blog for about two weeks not being able to post anything. Well finally the blog is working again so here it is.

A couple of our clients decided to write down their reasons why they wanted to move to Valencia and they passed it onto me to put into the blog. I think it gives a very good overview of the thought process and reasons why a young couple, in this case from Eastern Europe, may want to come to live in a vibrant city like Valencia. Take a look. Take it away Piotr.

Valencia’s Beach Continues To Attract Interest. So What Is There?

Valencia’s beach to the North of the Port is divided into three areas; the Cabanyal, the Malvarrosa and the Patacona (For purposes of this article we divide it into four). However it really is just one long and very sandy beach with an excellent promenade that you will find people skating, cycling and jogging up and down every day all year round. The beach area is not overdeveloped as great measures have been taken to make sure that there was no massive property development that could spoil the feel of the area. However this has meant that for many years it was ignored. Now things are changing and even the Valencians are starting to appreciate what an underused and excellent asset the city has. To find out why we need to look back at the history of the city.

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