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10 Reasons We Moved To Valencia. The Story of A Polish Client

This post originally appeared on the Spanish Property Network because we have had a major problem with this blog for about two weeks not being able to post anything. Well finally the blog is working again so here it is.

A couple of our clients decided to write down their reasons why they wanted to move to Valencia and they passed it onto me to put into the blog. I think it gives a very good overview of the thought process and reasons why a young couple, in this case from Eastern Europe, may want to come to live in a vibrant city like Valencia. Take a look. Take it away Piotr.

Valencia’s Beach Continues To Attract Interest. So What Is There?

Valencia’s beach to the North of the Port is divided into three areas; the Cabanyal, the Malvarrosa and the Patacona (For purposes of this article we divide it into four). However it really is just one long and very sandy beach with an excellent promenade that you will find people skating, cycling and jogging up and down every day all year round. The beach area is not overdeveloped as great measures have been taken to make sure that there was no massive property development that could spoil the feel of the area. However this has meant that for many years it was ignored. Now things are changing and even the Valencians are starting to appreciate what an underused and excellent asset the city has. To find out why we need to look back at the history of the city.

10 Mad Reasons For Not Buying A Property In Spain

Over the years we have had a load of excuses for not buying a Spanish Property. Some of them are fair enough, some of them are rather strange and some of them are on the cusp of a deranged mind working overtime. I really don’t mind if somebody doesn’t want to buy a property, as long as they are honest. After all I try to be honest in the descriptions, my opinions and the properties we offer. But please don’t BS me. So here in no particular order are the top ten mad reasons for not going through with a purchase of a Spanish Property. Over the years we have heard all of them and no doubt we will hear more of them in time.

When a Tweet Just About Sums It Up. Bargain Beach Property in Valencia

How good value are the properties down by the Malvarrosa beach in Valencia?
Sometimes there is huge value in certain properties that while not being visually stunning will provide one of two things for you:

1) An excellent rental return

2) A great lock up and leave bolthole for your property abroad in a vibrant city.

10 Things You Should Be Doing Every Day In Spain

On my personal site www.grahamhunt.co we recently posted a blog about ten things you should be doing every day in Spain. You can see it at the link. However we have also recorded it using Auphonic, loaded it onto our Soundcloud page and placed it into Youtube too. You can also listen to it below. So if you prefer listening to reading then take a listen below and take to heart the ten things you should be doing every day in Spain.

Do You Need More Of Our 100 Reasons To Live In Spain?

As you are maybe aware we have been running a series on our Youtube channel called 100 Reasons to Live in Spain. Some are more obvious, some are a bit obscure and some are a bit left field. I have just put up the latest two on the channel and you can see them embedded in this post.

10 Ways To Save Money When Buying Your Spanish Property

Or ten ways for getting the best value possible when buying Spanish Property.

When you are going to be buying Spanish property you obviously want to get the best value for money. However that does not only mean finding a property and negotiating a price that suits you and then sitting back and congratulating yourself on a job well done. There are so many other ways to save money on your purchase that if you do not do them then your costs for the purchase could be thousands of Euros higher than they otherwise would be. Take a look at ten of the ways in which you can save money when buying your Spanish property.

Feedback, Recommendations and References

I love getting feedback from clients especially when it is good. Today I got a glowing reference from a client and thought it would be nice to share it on here. Thanks to Christine for the kind words and I hope that I can help other people in the same way. For those who are not on Facebook you can read it below. For those that are why don’t you like the page so you get more information about property in Spain and Valencia in particular.

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